Adjust a Cast

Over the years that we have run this program (and built up a reputation throughout many medical schools), we have had to change some of the policies that were initially established. This has occurred because there were only a handful of students in the beginning, and now we have to meet the demands of over 50 students and residents per year.

I) There is a $550 fee for all 4th year student, which covers both administration and housing. The cost to residents is $250/week for up to a month of housing (in a really nice condo). These costs are far below the average cost of housing in Big Sky, but if you wish to rent your own housing, or have a house in Big Sky already, there is a $250 administration fee (no exceptions!).

During the winter months, a ski pass is available to all students, residents, and fellows for $150. 

II) We expect the students and residents in the winter to work 7 days per week/half a day of skiing every day counts as your time off.

III) Summer students are expected to work 5 days per week.

 IV) As of the 2007-2008 ski/summer season, we are not accepting students on a "first apply/get the spot" basis. We will collect all applications and then begin a selection process, based on answers to questions and an essay, and pick students that way. We did this because we filled both the 2006 and 2007 ski seasons several years before most students thought of applying, and we think that this unfairly excludes many good students.


Some rules are intuitive, but have to be impressed into each student to make sure that the program survives. These include: Matching Casts

I) not losing, sharing or otherwise abusing your ski pass.  The pass, with your picture on it, is to be "guarded with one's life". Abuse of ski pass privileges is a cardinal sin in any ski resort, and one "mis-adventure" can ruin our entire program. So we get a little touchy about ski passes.

II) not sharing the housing we provide with anyone (spouses, parents, visiting friends, new friends you make in Big Sky, etc.)

III) not showing up for work hung over, dressed like a ski bum, or complaining that they are not getting to ski enough (yes, it has happened). We want you to learn and have fun, and will do our best to make sure everyone gets out on the slopes as much as the volume of patients at the clinic allows.

IV) try to avoid getting injured.....and do stay away from the terrain parks that now abound in Big Sky ... our only bad injury (to a student named G12) occurred when he didn't land a 540 flip, and ended up with a concussion, a lumbar compression fracture, and a radial head fracture....our only ambulance ride to the "next level of care!". By the way, on the next page ("WHAT'S EXPECTED"), that's G12 being transported on a sled to the Clinic after the accident.