Student Suturing a Patient

We have a fairly comprehensive library of material here in the Clinic for the students to use in their free time, or as they are seeing patients. You do not have to travel here with any heavy reference books. This includes Rosen's Emergency Medicine, Harrison's, Nelson's, other short books on emergency medicine, primary care eye disease, pediatric emergencies, etc., and wilderness medicine, including Aurbach's Wilderness Medicine.

There is wireless access in both offices.

Since we shoot and read our own x-rays, I have Harris' Radiology of Emergency Medicine, Harris' Radiology of Acute Cervical Spine Trauma, Keat's Atlas of Normal Roentgen Variants that Simulate Disease, and Merrill's Atlas of Radiologic Positioning. A good knowledge of radiology or a rotation in radiology before starting here would be very helpful. I keep hundreds of interesting x-rays, divided into various categories (like skier's thumb, tibial plateau fractures, etc.) next to the x-ray view box for easy reference. Dr. Weber's book on comparing radiologic images to Netter anatomical drawings is in each office. There is also an extensive collection of x-ray images in our computers.

For suturing we have several different textbooks, but I particularly like Trott's Wounds and Lacerations. This is the one text that I recommend the students read before coming here. Reading an x-ray

We have a copy of Hoppenfelds's Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities, which I would like the students to be familiar with before they come here. I also have his book on the neurological evaluation in the orthopedic patient, as well as a half dozen books on "primary care orthopedics". Another excellent book on orthopedics, written by emergency room physicians, is Ruiz's Emergency Management of Skeletal Injuries, which I would also encourage the students to become familiar with before they arrive here.

References: every year, we add more students to our "alumni" list. I wish that I could keep in touch with most of them, and keep up to date on changes in e-mail addresses, residencies, and practices.

If you would like to hear from students who have gone through this program, I will provide you with a list of students from various years.....just e-mail me.