FAQs for Students, Residents, and Fellows


WHEN BOZEMAN HOSPITAL TAKES OVER ON JAN 1, 2018, HOW WILL THAT EFFECT THE ELECTIVE? Good question!! I will still  be in charge of the Clinic where all the ski injuries are brought, so that should not effect the type of work we have to do, nor the teaching that goes on. We will probably be switching EMR programs sometime this winter, so we'll have to get used to a new EMR. For students, residents and fellows where your program has asked for me to sign a PLA (Program Letter of Agreement), I will find out shortly how the hospital will handle that. I've got proof of malpractice and temporary Montana licenses from almost all of you now, which have been my criteria for accepting students, residents, and fellows.The ski pass will remain the same ($150) for which you'll need to bring a separate check or cash. I will still sponsor the housing, which is also unchanged.


There will be no Meadow Village (Town Center) Clinic after January 1, 2018


WHAT ABOUT THE HOUSING?? We provide safe and affordable housing at a much lower price than you will find in Big Sky. A condo was purchased and a guest house dedicated to students just so that you wouldn't have to hassle with housing. Students and residents are coming in and leaving continuously throughout the winter season (slower rate during the summer and fall). We have to insure that these living quarters are maintained properly, and in order to do that, you are required to give a $50 deposit WHEN YOU ARRIVE. This will be returned to you after the condo or guest house is inspected once you leave. Understand that we do this to insure that everybody has a clean and comfortable place to stay in Big Sky. There will be no exceptions.


How do I get to Big Sky?

    Most people who fly come into Bozeman (BZN or Yellowstone-Gallatin International Airport). To get to Big Sky from the airport (about 44 miles), schedule a shuttle with www.karststage.com


Where should I go once I get to Big Sky?

    In the winter, we are in the Mountain Clinic every day of the week, so if you arrive before 5 PM, have the shuttle bring you to the Mountain Clinic, which is below the Beaverhead Condos and above the Free skier parking lot. You can drop off your ski gear at the Clinic.

    In the winter after 5 PM, students have housing at the guest house next to Dr. Daniels’ house. The address is 190 Solar Ranch Lane, but give these directions to the shuttle driver: Rt 191 to Big Sky....don't turn at the traffic light, but continue heading south 1.8 miles, make a right turn onto Riverview Lane....go up Riverview Lane exactly 0.5 miles, make a right turn onto Solar Ranch Lane.....proceed another 1/4 mile, THROUGH gate with 2 metallic bronze horse heads, and the guest house will be next on your left. 

     Residents housing in the ski season is at 170 Candlelight Lane in the Firelight Meadows Condo complex. Give these directions to the shuttle driver: make a right turn off Rt 191 at the traffic light to Big Sky and go approximately 3 miles, making a left onto Ousel Falls Road, then go approximately 1 mile...you'll see the Firelight Condo Complex....drive past the flags and make a right turn onto Starlight, then a quick left onto Candlelight, and look for #170 on your left, about 6 houses down.

     In the summer and fall, we work out of the office in the Meadow Village. If you arrive before 5 on Monday thru Friday, come to that Clinic: make a right turn off Rt 191 at the traffic light to Big Sky and go approximately 3 miles, making a left onto Ousel Falls Road. Make the next right turn (about 150 yards) and circle into the parking lot of the first building on your right (you’ll see the signs for Grizzly Outfitters) .... we are on the second floor of the RJS building (11 Lone Peak Drive), suite 202.


What do I wear at the Clinic? 

     Dress is casual, not sloppy. No white coats, no ties. Scrubs are usually not necessary. If you come in from skiing, change out of ski cloths before seeing patients. 


What do I need to bring?

     Your stethoscope and your school- or program-issued name badge are all that is required.The guest house and the resident’s condo have sheets, blankets, and towels.


Do I need a car?

     Everything is spread out in Big Sky. The guest house is 12.5 miles from the Mountain Clinic, 5 miles from the Meadow Clinic. Yes, you will need a car. In the winter, with 4 or 5 students at the guest house, there usually is someone with a car. Communicating with other students before arriving in Big Sky is a good idea, because too many cars are a problem. The residents' condo in Firelight Meadows is about 1.2 miles from the Meadow Clinic and about 7 miles to the Mountain Clinic. There is a garage, a driveway to park on, and a guest parking sticker. Please check before you get here to see how many people will have cars. If nobody has a car, you may want to look into the possibility of getting together and renting one.

     In the summer, there’s even more reason to have a car: weekends are generally free, and the is a great deal of things to do in the Greater Yellowstone area. A car is essential.

     In the winter, a car with 4 wheel, all-wheel, or at least front wheel drive is recommended.

     Finally, there is a free shuttle bus service, that even comes close to the students at the guest house. Students have successfully transported themselves back and forth using this free service. The free bus service is a 1 mile walk from the residents' condo.


 How do I get to Big Sky by car?

     If you are coming across I-90 from either the east or the west, get off at exit 298 in Belgrade, Montana, and head straight south to Big Sky (about 40 miles). Follow the directions above once you get to the traffic light on Rt 191 at Big Sky. 

     If you are coming from Salt Lake City, take I-15 north to Idaho Falls, then Rt 20 to West Yellowstone, then Rt 191 north to Big Sky (48 miles).


What are the COSTS?

     Since housing in a popular ski resort, particularly in the busy parts of the winter, could be a challenge, I've arranged for 2 places to house both students and residents, and ask that you stay in these places because the price is lower than what you'll find elsewhere in Big Sky. Downside is I can't offer the housing to family, friends or pets, and it's not uncommon for students and residents to be visited by (or even bring along for their entire stay) their family or friends. The cost of the housing is $550 for the month for students, and for residents, who stay 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks, it is $250/week. If students or residents do not wish to take advantage of the housing, that is fine, but there will be an administration fee of $250.

       The ski pass for all the time you are here comes to $150.